Video Testimonials

I was really nervous that my tooth was going to be pulled Dr. Scura made me feel like it was OK.

Dr. Scura has done some post implants for myself, but also he’s taken care of all four of my children

What impressed me about Dr. Vaughn and personnel is the helpfulness and professionalism

Looking back on the decision of coming back to this office, I would recommend it because everyone’s so welcoming.

The results of his work are amazing. They’ve made me more confident in my smile.

What impressed me the most about Dr. Scura is that he’s so kind and gentle and giving.

I don’t know what it feels like if your wisdom teeth come up, but I assume I avoided a lot of pain. Now I have a good smile.

What impresses me most about Dr. Scura’s office is the professionalism and the fact that one is made to feel comfortable in the office.

Dr. Vaughan is very friendly and makes you feel comfortable even during the surgery.

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