Pre-Operative Instructions for IV Anesthesia/Deep Sedation

Fasting for IV Anesthesia/Deep Sedation

If you are having IV Anesthesia/Deep Sedation you are required to fast from midnight the night before your procedure. Fasting means nothing is to be consumed, INCLUDING water. This is to ensure your comfort and safety during the surgery.


If you are having IV Anesthesia/Deep Sedation, please do not take any medications the morning of your surgery unless authorized by the oral surgeon.


Smoking and vaping are strongly discouraged 48 hours prior to your surgery to ensure maximum lung capacity as well as 48 hours following surgery to avoid healing complications.


If you are having IV Anesthesia/Deep Sedation, please wear a short sleeve t-shirt for the procedure. The neckline should allow for the placement of EKG leads.

Please Remove

Nail Polish on your fingers. If you have acrylic nails are worn, please remove one of each hand. This is for the placement of the pulse oximeter during surgery.

Contact Lens should be removed

All jewelry in the head and neck region. This includes all ear, nose, and oral piercings.

Patients receiving IV Anesthesia/Deep Sedation may not drive themselves home and should have a responsible adult with them for 8 hours following surgery. We request that your ride remains in the reception area during your procedure.

Any patient under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian in the receptions area during the surgery.

It is important that you be able to breathe effectively through your nose during the surgery. If you develop a cold or other respiratory issue prior to surgery that affects your breathing, please contact the office.

DUE TO HIPPA regulations, no video recording is allowed in the recovery area.

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